Sabbadino Driving School

Commendations for Driving Instructor Joe Sabbadino

Driver Education Teacher of the Year (1980, 1985, and 1991)

Who's Who Among American Teachers (2005)

Safety Award, Safety Belts for South Carolina

Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Aide-de-Camp, Alabama

Emmett Hutto Award, SCDTSEA*

Lonnie Dunlap Award, SCDTSEA*

Newsletter Editor, SCDTSEA*

Achiever of the Year, SCDTSEA*

Outstanding Education and Service, SCDTSEA*

Dedicated to Christ and Christian Education, BJU

Bishop/Seals Award, Southeast Region ADTSEA** (2011)

In 2012, three of Mr. Sabb's students: Amanda Sweeting, Lauren McClellan, and Katherine West
took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively in the SC Operation Lifesaver
Railroad Safety poster contest.

Two of Mr. Sabbadino's students placed in the 2013 South Carolina Student Drinking and Driving Poster Contest.
Desire'e Wood took first place, and Sarah Anderson took second.

In SCDTSEA's* 2014 Seat-Belt poster contest, Mr. Sabbadino's students Daniel Smitley and Elizabeth West
won 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Traffic Safety Leadership of the Year Award, SCDTSEA* (2014)

SCDTSEA* President's award, 2014-15

In the 2015 SCDTSEA* Seat-Belt poster contest, the first, second, and third place winners were from Mr. Sabbadino's school. Judah Smith took first place, Kylie Watts took second, and Joseph Calamia took third.

Commercial Driver Teacher of the Year, SCDTSEA* (2015)

In the 2016 SCDTSEA* Distracted Driving poster contest, the first and second place winners were from Mr. Sabbadino's school. Hannah Lovegrove took first place, and Sneh George took second place.

In the 2017 SCDTSEA* Driving Attitudes poster contest, all three winners were from Mr. Sabbadino's school. Emily Smith took first place, Leah Buffalino took second place, and Emma Fordham took third place.

In the 2018 SCDTSEA* Seatbelt post contest, Mr. Sabbadino's student Jocelyn Brazel (pictured below) won first place. Another of Mr. Sabbadino's students, Hannah Terrell, won second place.

Mr. Sabbadino with Jocelyn Brazel, winner of the 2018 SCDTSEA poster contest


*South Carolina Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association
**American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association

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